Chair Massage PhotoChair Massage for
Businesses & Events
Make massage part of your health and wellness program! Or treat clients and customers to a quick chair massage as part of a trade show or special event. Chair massages relieve the stress and tight muscles often resulting from desk work. This massage is given in a vacant office or in a conference room as the individual sits comfortably in a massage chair fully clothed. Many workplace settings are not ergonomically designed and can hamper good circulation, but the massage chair relieves the strain on the neck and opens up the back muscles to massage, helping to increase circulation.

Chair massage helps alleviate many of the problems associated with repetitive movements such as typing and using a mouse. In just fifteen or twenty minutes, your muscles relax, your circulation improves, and you’ve got a fresh new outlook on your day. Studies have shown that just a 15 minute chair massage on a regular basis can increase productivity while reducing stress.

Contact us for on chair massage information (also check our pricing page) for your event or workplace in the greater Kansas City area. Provide it as a benefit to your staff on a regular basis, or just provide it as an on-site convenience letting individuals pay as part of a lower group rate.

Group Yoga SessionYoga at Work
Like chair massage, Yoga is another great stress reliever to do at work! Many businesses are now offering hour long sessions to staff members during the lunch hour or at the end of the day. Contact us to discuss how we can implement a regularly scheduled Yoga program at your place of business or check our pricing page.

Now Offering Myofascial Release Therapy
Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Therapy is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial (connective tissue) to eliminate pain and restore motion. Click on image for more info.